BLOTTER 2021.04.26

In Midst of Third Wave of Virus, Major Canadian City Excludes Whites From Vaccine Program

Radical leftists aren’t even trying to pretend they aren’t racist anymore. Critical Race Theory now has its jaws clamped tightly around every government in the world to the furthest reaches of small towns and major cities.

Veggie Tales Creator, Phil Vischer, Says Christians Shouldn’t Oppose Transgenderism

Latino Republicans may be just white people in disguise.

Declassified FISA Opinion Shows More FBI Abuses

The FBI Continued to Spy on Americans Without a Warrant.

“Public corruption and bribery.” I highlight that last part because it means the FBI continued to improperly use FISA-acquired information to spy on government officials.

John MacArthur Credits Attorneys With Forcing State to Back Off COVID Restrictions

Sunday, for the first time in a year, all restrictions have been removed from religious gatherings in the State of California. MacArthur credits the move by the state to the relentless work of the attorneys working on behalf of the Church.
“How did that happen?” MacArthur says, explaining that once his attorneys threatened to depose the health officials in the state, forcing them to defend the necessity of the lockdowns, the government backed down. It’s obvious the government knows that the lock downs are unnecessary and are being used as nothing more than a way to control the population.