Corporate callousness is a direct result of the debt-based monetary system of the entire world, and of the specially constructed debt hypothecation system in the USA. As the monetary systems have grown less diffuse and more centralized the callousness has increased.

For many centuries, the central tenet of fascism has been a mandatory tax on all property of the poor, and requirement to pay the tax in a monetary unit controlled by the rulers. Nobody actually owns their home. They rent it from the state and must pay the ad valorem and land tax, or be forcibly ejected. This tenet of tax fascism holds true in feudalism and market economies, and under socialism. If the monetary unit is not a currency, then the monetary unit is the productive labor of the serf. By taxing homestead real estate and employee wages, all serfs are forced to participate in the economic and tax structure by running an endless rat race to keep from having their homestead confiscated by the state. Abolition of the homestead real estate tax on any primary domicile up to 40-80 acres, depending on annual precipitation, and abolition of the income tax on EMPLOYEE wages (not officer or executive), would liberate hundreds of millions of souls from the rat race. If you don’t work in the job and pay the taxes, the fascist courts take your home and render you homeless. This is a crime against humanity and nobody is speaking out against it.

This property tax and income tax system is the FOUNDATION of Western imperial fascism. All political movements will fail and will only increase the reach of fascism into every aspect of human life. As economies grow more centrally planned and monopolistic, the control over everyday activities grows increasingly centralized.

If you are not moving to abolish the tax on homesteads in your country, you are hacking at the branches of evil rather than at the root. A people secure in their property and homes and wages are a free people. A people insecure in these are slaves.

It is very simple. A tax and money system based upon debt or hypothecation of property to debt will always wax more and more fascist. This is the story of human history and everyone is ignoring it at their peril. Many people praise the idea of taxing their neighbors to pay for public schools, where their children will learn to be obedient serfs and work endlessly to pay their taxes.

Certain people leverage themselves into this system through corporations, and in order to prevent themselves from ever being the poor downtrodden, they run roughshod over all the poor downtrodden. They get addicted to the status, and envision themselves having a superior rationale due to their success. To keep themselves on top, they feel motivated to keep pushing everyone else down in a relentless struggle for mastery over the serfs in the poor and middle classes.

Laws and policies and “programs” can not, do not, never have, and never will end these problems of corporatocracy. Simply by abolishing the tax on homestead real estate, and abolishing the income tax on wages, the entire economy is forced to undergo a metamorphosis away from debt and rent seeking, to actual productivity. A people secure in their homes are not forced to work their fingers to the bone in an economic rat race. They have the time preference to make more beneficial decisions regarding work and career because they don’t have the stress of homelessness or bankruptcy always looming on the horizon. Your rulers want this shadow cast on you and they have engineered the tax laws for this very purpose. Of course they give pretexts and justifications and subterfuges, but the end result was the real intention, as in the maxim, “Outward actions indicate inward intent.”

No one wants to hear this. They are happy to tax their neighbors to death as long as they feel it serves their social agenda. We can signal about how bad the corporations are, or as a people we can admit how bad we are for enlisting the guns of government to rob our neighbors of their wages and homes under the unjust property and income tax schemes.

Corporations are the only entities that should pay income tax. No flesh and blood human being with the status of EMPLOYEE should be taxed on their wages for hire. The power to tax is the power to destroy, and much destruction it does. Countless Americans are dragged out of their homes by county sheriffs while their homes are repossessed or auctioned off for back taxes. This is the heart of ryot tenure, which is old-world fascism. This abomination does not belong in America. It really does not belong anywhere in the world. But the rulers and their dependents love to have it so.

The “rat race” is a carefully designed system of economic servitude. It is not a coincidence. The rulers who own the politicos know very well what the economic rat race does to the poor and lower middle classes. They know it makes their lives harsh and unpredictable. But this is what the ultra-wealthy want. The taxpayers are forced to subsidize all the schemes of the rich through the tax schemes and bailouts.

People often virtue signal about social justice in opposition to the billionaires. More often than not the same people broadcasting these virtue signals fully support the system of taxing employee wages and homesteads. They will publicly signal critique of the billionaire class but never offer any real solution to relieve the oppressed lower classes. Instead they demand more government power and government control over ever aspect of our lives, and promise that this creeping fascism will fight the already existing economic fascism. Do they really love their neighbor? Do they even know how to love their neighbor? Or is it just a convenient cop-out to virtue signal hatred for the rich while establishing nothing of lasting value for the poor?

I do care immensely for the poor. Because I know poverty I know the cause of most poverty: the real estate and income taxes are the primary economic causes of poverty. Nobody on the left, right, or center discusses this fact. The power to tax your home is the power to make you homeless. The power to tax your wages is the power to rob you blind and spend all your time working to pay the real estate taxes. And the taxes extracted from the lower classes go to benefit the rich and their politico patrons, who also give empty lip service to caring for the poor as they rob them via the tax scheme.

Talk is cheap. Virtue signalling is easy. Loving your neighbor is apparently hard for most people. It is not loving your neighbor to tax him to death.

(This article was written in response to a Fediverse comments about the callousness of big tech corporations.)