It’s time for millions of us to be relentless scrooges until these woke companies all go bankrupt.

Many patriots speak of boycotting Coca-Cola for its support of woke election fraud tactics. This is good, and I have been boycotting Coca-Cola. But that is not enough. Boycotting Coca-Cola is pointless if you purchase the many other brands that their conglomerate owns. In order for the boycott to be effective, Patriotic Americans must boycott all carbonated and bottled beverages and energy drinks from all companies whatsoever, except for the small local beverage companies. If we are serious about this boycott proving our point and our power, we must boycott all the big corporations that do business with Coca-Cola, which includes most large beverage manufacturers. They license bottling and canning at each others’ production plants. So all of them must be made to feel the pain of a boycott. Abandon sugary botttled drinks and make your own for the forseeable future. Drink homemade tea, coffee, milk, lemonade, orange juice, and water.

Do not buy bottled water or bottled sweet tea, unless it is a local company bottling the water. Most of the brands you see like Monster energy drinks, Rockstar, Starbucks … all in one way or another are connected with canning and bottling services … so boycotting all of them sends a hard message to the entire corporate foodchain of the beverage industry.

This also goes for beer. If the beer is not produced by a small microbrewery, they are licensing the same canning and bottling services that Coca-Cola uses. You must boycott them as well.

We all need to send letters to these companies via email and snail mail explaining what we are doing and why. We need to inform them that communism, wokism, leftism, and the like are not going to be tolerated from any company in America. We demand companies support love of country and placing the American people first, and we should make that demand known by action.

I am a sugar addict. I love sugary sweet drinks. I have had no problem whatsoever cutting the canned and bottled drinks out of my life. So you, fellow patriot, have no excuse. If a sugar fiend can do it, so can you. We have got to stop being mentally lazy and STOP. GIVING. MONEY. TO. OUR. ENEMIES.