Devils will sell you heaven in a bucket.

Many corporations farm out their support and sales to third-party companies with call centers. The corporations provide the scripts for the sales personnel which work for the third-party company and are ‘authorized’ to represent the contracting company. This is called ‘branded support’ or ‘branded provision.’ The third party that runs the call centers is the ‘branded service provider.’

Many ISPs and tech companies also do this. You may think you are calling CrummySoft technical support, or McAfee anti-virus support, but the call goes to a third-party provider at a call center in Colorado, or Texas, or California, or Jamaica, or India, that reads from a script that pops up on the call tech’s screen. The script tells the tech which company name to use in the call greeting. The same call tech might handle sales and support calls for 50 different companies in the same day.

So this call tech might answer your call and say, “Thank you for calling McAfee Anti-Virus Support. This is crummy slick salesman John. How may I help you?”

After that call, a call comes in for a different company, and John might answer, “Thank you for calling Adam and Eve adult video. This is crummy slick salesman John. How might I please you?”

On and on it goes, as John answers each call according to the script that is assigned to the incoming telephone number that is switched to the call center.

Much of the religious and political chatter on the Internet–probably most of it–is the same phenomenon as the branded service providers working in call centers. Only these social media branded providers use Twitter, Facebook, Telegram, Whatsapp, Youtube, TikTok, and other social media instead of answering incoming phone calls.

Even the world’s military organizations employ such services from third party contractors for propaganda campaigns. This is called officially, “Internet Influence Activities” or IIA for short. IIA contractors have vast tech and call centers with dozens or even hundreds of hirelings who post propaganda all over the Internet with sock-puppet accounts.

Many leading personalities who are promoting agendas, movements, religions, and ideas are actually paid ‘branded providers’ who are play acting a part. The company (intelligence agencies, corporations, church conglomerates) that provides these representatives to peddle ideas is paid hefty sums.

Your favorite Youtube political or religious “teacher” is possibly one of these branded providers. There might even be one or more of these branded providers posting here on Usenet pumping a certain political ideology or religious doctrine that serves a political, economic, or social agenda.

Some of these branded providers are hired for damage control. They will sometimes converge on and attack someone who is exposing facts that are unflattering to the agencies or companies that hire them. They will disrupt, troll, threaten, and distract and re-direct the discussion to prevent or drown out disclosure of unsavory information. Then they will pump out their spin to influence public perception.

Corporations and governments do this. So do international religious organizations. This is how some religious organizations and church consortiums work to gain traction. Some religious organizations secretly contract their services out to the aforementioned corporations and governments.

Let us begin with a small example. You will often see large billboards that say, “Attend the church of your choice.” These billboards are paid for by groups of churches in the same area. They are cooperating to get people into their religious money machine. They don’t just do billboards. Those religious institutions with a lot of lot of money hire IIA (public relations) companies to run public relations campaigns and damage control. In some cases the religious organization may actually be serving as the influence operation. The social media company you trust with your data may be moonlighting as the provider of an influence operation. It’s a slimy spaghetti web of corruption.

Yes, Matilda, the world is this cynical and fake. There are millions of useful idiots in the world who are morally bankrupt enough to do these kinds of jobs. Many people have drank the kool-aid and are like robots eager to serve Sauron in his campaign to rule Middle Earth.

For these reasons and more not mentioned here, paid institutional, lobbyist, political, and corporate advertising should be banned. Paid advertising is not protected speech. Some supreme court Justice might disagree, but they are wrong, and their opinions change based on what they perceive as the doctrines of necessity and necessary and proper order. Granting constitutional rights to corporations and lobbying groups destroys the constitutional rights of flesh and blood humans. The two cannot coexist. One will destroy the other in the end.

Taking money to promote conflicting ideas is pretty scummy. Paid advertising is mercenary speech for the rich and powerful that obliterates the speech of the poor and weak. In such a climate it is impossible to know who is actually doing any of the speech, and truth is impossible to ascertain. This will eventually cause the destruction of our civilization. The fact that our legislators are merely paid propagandists for lobbyists is the bell weather or canary in the coal mine. There is no representative government while paid advertising, campaign contributions, or lobbying in any form remain legal. Such practices should be banned in all the land.

When some people just don’t make sense, or never seem to go off script with their drivel, now you know what may be happening behind the scenes. If they promise paradise for a price, they may be the devil’s hirelings selling you heaven in a branded piss bucket.

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