Subject: Help us help you to presidential potential

Honorable Governor DeSantis:

I just read your executive order banning COVID-1984 passports. Your posting of this order is the single most patriotic gubernatorial action I have witnessed. You correctly asserted the ruse is an attempt to create a caste system.

This manufactured pandemic is the most vicious attack on America since 9/11. It is psychological warfare of the lowest order. The end goal of the conspirators is to impose a medical caste system to slowly kill off all Christians and impose a Chinese style social credit technocracy. The swamp monsters want unrest and civil war as a smokescreen for genocide. Vide the Georgia guidestones. Those crazed nuts still desire population reduction any way they can get it.

The old Soviets had a scheme for “medicalizing dissent.” Vaccine passports are an advanced form of “medical apartheid” based on the Soviet model. I encourage you to use this phrase in your speeches. The opposition will have no credible response to “medical apartheid” and “vaccine apartheid.”

The CDC admitted in a recent paper that no specimen of the virus has ever been isolated. In simple terms, this means the virus does not exist. It’s an old witch doctor’s invisible demon hoax. I know it sounds incredible, but no scientist anywhere has any isolate of the COVID-1984 virus. It’s insane to base public policy on such a phantom.

Of course the press and media have ignored this CDC paper admitting no samples exist. Of course Anthony Fauci, the vaccine salesman, ignores this fact.

I pray you continue to protect the people of Florida from the monsters who foisted this menace on America. Expose the scamdemic for what it is and you will have presidential potential. Then when you become President you can lock the fraudsters up for the fake election and the fake virus scare.

Stick to your guns, so Americans don’t have to. Men with your mettle can help America have a gradual, peaceful transition back to strong states and a weak Washington, D.C.

An American