If invisible chains make us free then we are free indeed.

If rhetoric solves problems then we have no problems at all.

If voting worked, they wouldn’t let you do it or they would rig the elections. But I repeat myself. Anyone not blind can see the elections have been rigged for decades. If your vote doesn’t count your “freedom” doesn’t count. If your vote is tainted, your freedom is a mirage.

If religion worked we’d all be happy and content. It seems rather that a lot of religious leaders get fat and happy from contributions while the standard of living of parishoners continues to decline. And notice that the clerics have all signed contracts with the government agreeing not to preach any kind of political rebellion. This is the requirement for tax-exempt status for religious corporations. The churches are burning a pinch of incense to Caesar in the name of Jesus.

Instead of truth and justice we endure the spectacle of fake freedom, fake solutions, endless rhetoric, fake news, fake religion, and useless politics which have led our country down the primrose path to servitude.

The greatest propaganda achievement of our time is the widespread belief that we are free in America. From early childhood our brainwashed teachers brainwash us with the same freedom rhetoric they were taught by some lying devil in distant past. Our teachers lie to us and tell us that we are free because we get to periodically vote for the next crop of traitors that will reduce our liberties. This is pure poppycock. Even when the vote is not completely rigged the available candidates are rigged.

You are not free. You only think you are free and that makes you the best kind of slave. The best slave a master can have is the slave that prizes and praises his slavery and wraps it up in a flag.

We live under a totalitarian regime in America. We have slaved under this totalitarian regime for several generations. Some of you are seeing it now because of the proliferation of Internet communication. Rest assured, the corruption you are witnessing is not much greater than the corruption 20 years ago, or 50 years ago. The same political and spiritual sickness has been there, just hidden by lack of public access to communication. There were no “halcyon days” that we can go back to. This is the way things have been for a long time. It took several generations to convince America that our slavery is freedom, and a political golem has ensured our children are taught this lie from the cradle.

Enemies from without and within have infiltrated our institutions and poisoned the minds of our own children to use them as weapons against each other. The enemy has cordoned off the people into astroturfed factions, so that each faction whittles away at the other, all becoming enslaved in the fray. Each faction thinks it is the true freedom fighting force, not realizing their ideology was created by psychologists and strategists at think tanks devoted to population and perception control. All the movements you can probably think of originated in think tanks within the military-industrial-finance complex. Such astroturf movements and ideologies include: feminism, communism, socialism, libertarianism, democracy, liberalism, conservatism, evangelicalism, ad nauseum. Each “ism” targets a certain psychological profile to deceive people into joining groups and movements that achieve the aims of the hidden rulers.

The regime of bondage is a result of human corruption, the depravity of the human heart, its capacity for deceit and self-delusion and self-serving lies. Your masters know this instinctively for they have been weaned on corruption for many generations. And they know how to weaponize it to fool you into agreeing to your own enslavement. This regime is founded upon the unregenerate human heart, the depravity of self-will and self-aggranizement, the endless quest to line one’s own nest by stripping away the nests of others.

The most vicious, violent and evil of people are heroes and legends and freedom-fighters in their own warped and twisted minds. Those who speak the loudest in support of an idea are usually its bitterest foes. The old saw, “He doth protest too much” comes to mind. How can we tell the difference between the false friend and the true? Examine the man spiritually using the word of God!

“To the law and to the testimony: if they speak not according to this word, it is because there is no light in them.” [Isaiah 8:20]

The most corrupt and foolish of people gravitate toward each other. Consider the proverb that, “birds of a feather flock together.” The corrupt and self-serving gravitate toward their own and they have formed a de facto nation of corruption, complete with its own unwritten rules and unwritten laws as in, “rules for thee but not for me.” We witness this nation of corruption, a state within the state, a tribe of corruption eating the tribes of mankind as it gains steam and increases power to devour. And with each passing day they militate more rabidly against our liberties. They are eaters of children who view themselves as warriors in a holy war.

Where is the salt and light to preserve us against this tide of tyrant sewage? What is the high ground to escape the flood? Of what material do we build an ark of safety?

These totalitarian slime balls wheedle their way into every aspect of culture, seeking to force everyone else to participate in their perversion. It is not enough for them to have “pervert privilege.” They want to force you to join them in their brothel. They wish to punish you for refusing to turn a trick.

Their brothel has another name: temple of democracy. Any person who calls his political apparatus a temple is showing what he truly worships: power. And many of them do wax lofty and grandiloquent with their watery praises of the temple of holy democracy, while they loot, kill, and destroy under color of law. Our American government and corporate sector have become a criminal racket run by lunatics who demand obedience to every whim of their reprobate minds.

There’s always the black sheep who refuse to follow the herd. Even one black sheep is enough to get the whole herd stampeding the wolves. And thus the hive mind of the tribe of corruption instinctively pulls out its natural weapons to kill the black sheep: slander, calumny, ritual defamation, incitement to violence, political pandering toward a target class, and promises of utopia in exchange for violence against the target class.

Their primary method of attack is ritual defamation or zealous slander. Not having the pluck to murder their enemies with their own hands, they use defamation to demonize their victims then send dog-whistle commands to induce the zombie masses to do their dirty work. Once the victim has been publicly stripped of his personhood any state crime against him is viewed as the work of heroes.

They get away with this because you say nothing, or worse, you are one of the heroes in his own mind trawling along the victim class gravy train that rolls the track of partisan politics. False heroes always pretend to be victims when their heroism is questioned. Meanwhile all that is beautiful and capable is viciously attacked and dies the death of a thousand cuts from the zombies.

So-called “conservatives” who conserve nothing in fact pretend to speak against this nation of slander. Yet they continue to obey. They have only rhetoric with no foundational spirit of resistance. They enter the battle according to the enemy’s rules instead of bringing their own rule book. When you capitulate to a tyrant’s rationale, you lose the spirit of resistance. When you bring the word of God to the forefront, you force the enemy to speak openly against the Most High, and that is when the hammerfall winds up for a strike. When you induce these spiritual lepers to openly defy the truth you have your molon labe moment.

If rhetoric solves a problem then we have more useless problem solvers than all the world. If your mouth could make you free then your rulers would cut out your tongue. If your speech could make you free then your rulers would cut out your tongue at birth. Something more than just speech is required. A certain power is required behind the speech.

It is not the act of speaking that frees you, but rather the spirit of resistance that moves one to speak against lies of tyrants. It is that resistance, that refusal to bend the knee, that makes a man truly free. Speaking against a lie while bending the knee only emboldens the tyrant and his sycophants. There must be a line in the sand, a breaking point, a molon labe moment. The tyrants are trying to create their new Pearl Harbor and their new slave riots to drag us into endless war and death. The patriots should create their molon labe moments to put a stop to this madness and put an end to the political violence.

That line in the sand, that weapon, that sword, is the word of God. Americans don’t know or understand the word of God because their religious leaders are blind guides leading them into darkness. American Christians have substituted their pastors for the one true Pastor, the Good Shepherd. Americans worship and obey the clergy instead of worshipping and obeying the Lord from Heaven. Jesus said many would come in his name, and he told us not to heed (obey) them, for his kingdom does not come with observation. Christ’s kingdom comes with transformation.

“Thus saith the Lord; Stand ye in the ways, and see, and ask for the old paths, where is the good way and walk therein, and ye shall find rest for your souls.” [Jeremiah 6:16]

To survive and combat the ritualistic slanders and contrived dogmas of the liars, we must truly learn the word of God:

“That we henceforth be no more children, tossed to and fro, and carried about with every wind of doctrine, by the sleight of men, and cunning craftiness, whereby they lie in wait to deceive …”

The writings at shall endeavor to explore that spirit of resistance not as mere rhetoric but as spiritually-motivated action and explaining the foundations for such action. Such spiritual resistance is grounded only in the truth, which is revealed in holy writ and ripened by the Holy Spirit in the heart and mind of the true believer. This shall be the entry point for exploration of what to resist, who to resist, why to resist, and how to resist.

Put your molon labe where your mouth is. America, you should be learning God’s word and using it as the primary weapon against the evil in your midst. Drop the clerical slogans and mindless political tiddly-wank and pick up the word of God.

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