“The Capitalists will sell us the rope with which we will hang them.”

~ Vladimir Ilyich Lenin (1870-1924) First Leader of the Soviet Union

Probably a paraphrase of:

Lenin wrote, “When it comes time to hang the capitalists, they will vie with each other for the rope contract.”

~ Major George Racey Jordan

By shopping at big box retailers, America is committing suicide on the gallows of the communist hangman. American Christians should boycott suicide.

Global corporate capitalism is the first step in the communist revolution. Capitalism and communism are not opposing ideologies. They are symbiotic ideologies. Both factions feed each other to stay in power over the rest of us.

Stop buying the products that are enslaving you. American thirst for cheap Chinese sweat shop products is funding the growth of the aggressive Chinese military. This is the same Chinese war machine that the deep staters want to invite into our country in a planned war. Stop funding it. Boycott them all!

I haven’t been inside a department store in about six months because of mask mandates. Earlier in the “plandemic” I was turned away from a Wal-Mart because I refused to get a mask. I have never purchased a medical mask and I have no intention of ever doing so. I find it impossible to participate in a fascist scam like the fake pandemic. Unlike others, who are afraid to tell the truth, I say the truth like it is: there is no virus. The virus does not exist and you are a dupe for believing in it.

I have since boycotted Wal-Mart and hardly spent any money at all. I have lived off the most basic necessities. I am able to buy staples from the Amish and local farmers, and staples are all that is needed for a Christian to be content. I don’t need what the new world order and its co-conspirators are selling.

I drove past a Wal-Mart today and turned around out of curiosity and I went inside. They were no longer enforcing the mask rules. They still had the gestapo agent at the door, wearing a mask, and all the employees wearing masks, and a few customers wearing masks, but most of the people had no mask.

I looked around a bit, and realized I needed NOTHING that they were selling. I could plainly see how it is all a bunch of cheap Chinese junk built to break so you have to come back and buy more. How hateful!

The fact they were still requiring their employees to wear masks left me feeling indignant. What kind of Philistine would go along with this evil and force their workers to go along with it?

I left the store without spending a penny. It was like walking into a bizarre, haunted house with brighter lighting. Everything seemed so flimsy, and undesirable. The thought occurred to me that I have lived without Amazon, Wal-Mart, Kroger, or any giant corporate conglomerate store for most of the time of this scamdemic.

What if all good and lawful Christians just decided to boycott everybody, and only patronize other Christians? What if instead of shopping at Wal-Mart we all lined up at the farmers markets, Amish markets, and mom-and-pop shops? We could explain with every purchase why we are doing so. We could explain we are de-funding communism by refusing to support globalist crony capitalism. We could explain to our neighbors what we expect from our polite Christian society regarding the scamdemic and government dictates that have no place in our republic–ignore them, mock them, and defiantly disobey their unconstitutional dictatorial pseudo-laws about wearing face diapers!

This would teach the wicked a hard lesson in just a few short weeks. If I can do it for over a year I’m certain most other people can do it for a month or two. I’m only suggesting the readers try to do it for a few weeks and see how it feels to stop buying the products that are enslaving you. You don’t need cheap Chinese crap made in slave factories to be content and happy! God Damn the Chinese Communist party and what it has done to the once proud Chinese People, a nation that once was 30% Christian! And God damn the traitors in our own nation that have collaborated with the CCP slavers! Americans! Stop supporting them! Stop supporting them PERMANENTLY, as a matter of personal pride.

I am sending some letters to Wal-Mart with copies of old receipts to show them how much money I used to spend at their store with a note informing them that I am permanently boycotting them for their participation in the scamdemic and their exploitation of Chinese slave labor. We don’t need 95% of the crap and junk that these big corporations are sellling. We should learn to live without it and make our own stuff, or buy from mom and pop shops where we can find them. To hell with the globalist big box retailers. To hell with slave labor products. Boycott them all!