The reason so much evil is creeping into the church is because of the ungodly leadership structure of the churches. Jesus and the Apostles prohibited the Pastoral model. The Pastoral model is pagan, not Christian. Your pastor won’t want to hear this. They never do want to hear that they are teaching error.

The Church model of single Pastor ruling over a congregation is 100% unbiblical and contrary to what Christ and the Apostles teach. They taught the congregation is to elect several elders from within its own ranks, not submit to a self-appointed “Pastor.” No wonder so many churches are leading in the treason. They were already halfway there with their Nicolaitan leadership model.

Contrary to popular opinion, the Nicolaitans didn’t fade away. They are the bulk of Christian leaders across churches today. They assume authority that is not scripturally theirs then use that authority to be permissive of immoral indulgence among the laity.

If Christians don’t wise up and learn about the subtle nuances of these matters, and of proper ekklesia leadership, they are going to burn right along with the goats and tares.

We must cease submitting to unscriptural authority in the churches and demand a scriptural church structure. We have to. God commanded Israel not to worship him after the manner of the heathen. Today the churches are doing exactly that–using heathen, pagan methods to “worship” God.

Without a scriptural church structure, every church in the country will eventually be a Queer Pride parade, and not long after that Pastors will require affirmations of support for sodomites from the membership, and not long after that, Pastors will require that your children be used in sex rituals.

30 years ago men like me warned the world that the Gay agenda would eventually be a pedophile agenda and we were laughed at. We were told condescendingly that being homosexual does not mean being a pedophile. Nevermind the fact that homosexuals are almost all without exception raped or hypersexualized in childhood. That is how pedophiles reproduce–by raping kids.

Now they are chemically castrating our children, cutting their dicks and tits off to transgenderize them as temple prostitutes. They will not stop until the sacrament of child rape is normalized in religious institutions as a ritual. What do you all think the Catholic priests have been doing all these many years with your children?

Churches are trying to sexualize your children. Any pastoral acceptance of sodomy is a direct threat to every child in your congregation. If your pastor is accepting of sodomites, he is virtue signalling to them to come get some prey. The congregation of the saints is for those who have already repented and been justified with Jesus. The congregation is not for the lost who still live in rebellion against God. If you let the rebellious in, they will prey upon your children. It’s what they do.