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You Are What You Eat – Habitual Sin Will Not Send You to Hell – Only One Sin Dooms You to Death

When Adam and Eve ate of the tree of knowledge, it was the first bite that condemned them to die. … Every bite after the first taste is irrelevant. They didn’t get to live by ceasing from ‘habitual eating’ of the fruit, just as you don’t get life by ceasing from ‘habitual sin.’

The Rapture is Now : Get out of the Church Brothel Before You Burn With It : Escape the Spiritual Slag

A gab poster going by the nickname @MommaBear99 asked me what I believe about the rapture. I debunk the rapture here and urge Christians to flee Mystery Babylon,…

Opt Out of Babylon – Leave the Church : Voting Won’t Save Us and God Does not Need Your Help to Save Souls

Voting is not going to fix this world. All men must turn to faith in Jesus. Not faith in the church. Not faith in the pope. Not faith…