Babylon Brothel Buffet - Choose Your Church

Babylon Brothel Buffet – Choose Your Church

A gab poster going by the nickname @MommaBear99 asked me what I believe about the rapture. I debunk the rapture here and urge Christians to flee Mystery Babylon, which is the Church. It is not the Kingdom established by Jesus. The Church is the false prophet and whore of Revelation. It is the mother and son duo of Semiramis and Nimrod, or Isis and Horus.

I also specifically warn: don’t jump out of the frying pan and into the fire. Don’t leave the church just to get caught up in some other religious cult. Don’t look for a religious leader, for many come in Jesus’ name, deceiving many. Gather in your homes with family and friends to search the scriptures, as the Saints of old.

@nightbulb wrote:

“The current rapture dogma is a false doctrine invented about 150 years ago. For the 300+ years prior there was no rapture doctrine known among Protestant churches.”

@MommaBear99 wrote:

“@nightbulb so what do you theorize will happen? We’ll all just die. Caught up to meet him in the air doesn’t mean anything? I truly do want to hear what your belief is…”

This is my response to @MommaBear99 and to Christians in general: Flee out of Mystery Babylon. #LeaveTheChurch. Run for your lives!

“Flee from Babylon! Run for your lives! Do not be destroyed because of her sins.” [Jeremiah 51:6 NIV]

You’re 1950 years too late regarding the “rapture”. The “rapture” so-called, happened between 66-70 a.d. Jesus and the Apostles repeatedly reiterated that Christ would come again soon — not 2000 years later. Jesus said there were some people standing before him at that time who would still be alive to witness him return to judge the nations.

And he did come again almost 40 years later. The reason men don’t know this is because men believe the lies of the Church. The Church is the false prophet of revelation, which masquerades as an angel of light. It is written that the devil would deceive the whole world. What better way to deceive the whole world than by erecting an institution named after Jesus, and claiming to save souls from hellfire?

Jesus came to thrust souls into the fire, and pull them out when they are forged to his liking. “Every man shall be salted by fire.” Jesus promised Ananais that Paul would suffer at the hands of the gentiles. Paul even talks about this, how the fire of tribulation burns away the dross things in man’s character, and leaves behind what is acceptable to God. This is the age we inhabit.

Christians mistakenly believe that hell is a particular place. Hell is a state of existence; an age of ages of that state of spiritual separation from God the Father. This world, or the love of this world, is the grave. The love of Jesus is to rise out of the grave.

We have been brainwashed since childhood that the second coming of Jesus is a far distant, future event. This lie was invented by the Papacy and clergy, and tweaked over time to hide the pagan origin of the Church, and to hide the fact that the Papacy is the “man of sin” who “sits in the temple of God, telling himself that he is god.” This is the official doctrine of “Vicar of Christ” and “Papal Supremacy.” The Papacy is the anti-Christ.

Here are some Martin Luther quotes to help clarify for you what the original Protestants taught.

I feel much freer now that I am certain the pope is Antichrist.

Martin Luther
Father of the Christian Reformation
October 11, 1520

We firmly believe here that the Papacy is the personification of Antichrist’s throne, and feel we are justified in resisting their deceptions and wiles for the sake of the salvation of souls. I declare that I only owe the Pope the obedience due to Antichrist.

From my heart I hate that man of sin and son of perdition, with all his kingdom, which is nothing but sin and hypocrisy.

Martin Luther
Expositor of the True Christian Faith
August 18, 1520

Eck and Emser opened my eyes as to the Pope’s sovereignty; for although at first I maintained his right to the human title, I now see that the Papacy is the kingdom of Babylon, and the tyranny of Nimrod, the mighty hunter.

Martin Luther
Fearless Opponent of the Papal Seat Antichrist
October 6, 1520

Antichrist has been on earth for 1500 years! Wake up! The Church is the Kingdom of darkness. “Come out of her, my people!”

The original Protestant faith bears little resemblance to what passes for Christianity today. The Papacy has been running a ferocious counter-reformation, infiltrating churches everywhere with his Balaam-styled disinformation agents. Thus it is fulfilled that the Babylon Roman Church is the “mother of harlots.” Who are the harlots that she is the mother of? The churches!

One must take the initiative to study religious history and the Bible to discern these things for himself. A tithe-seeking clergyman is duty bound by his income grift to not allow discussion of these things, for then the jig would be up.

So then, what is the rapture, or what is it not? And when is this event now titled, “rapture?” Jesus told us: very soon. “I come quickly.”

From 66-70 a.d. the entire world was at war. It was a bloodbath throughout the entire known world. Rome was slaughtering millions to prevent the complete collapse of its imperial power. The Zealots in Judea revolted and were slaughtering people by the tens of thousands. Rome advanced on Judea and Jerusalem, killing and enslaving all in their path. The Christians in Jerusalem and Judea had the letter of John, now known as the book of Revelation. It said, “When ye see therefore the abomination of desolation, stand ye in the holy place … and let them which be in Judea flee into the mountains.”

The abomination of desolation means human bloodshed in the temple, or an unclean sacrifice in the temple, which happened when the Zealots revolted. The Christians saw this, and their small group immediately left Jerusalem and fled into the mountains. A few days later the Roman army advanced on Jerusalem and laid siege to it. Over 2 million citizens were slaughtered by the Roman pigs. Vespatian and Titus went into the Jerusalem Temple and erected their idols there, declaring themselves as gods in the holy of holies. This is the complete desolation of the temple. The Roman army razed the temple to the ground.

Those Christians who fled just before the Roman army arrived to slaughter Jerusalem, are the ones who were “caught up” to be with Jesus in the clouds. The clouds is metaphor, like most of the things in Revelation are oriental metaphor. The clouds means groups of people, lifted up and away from the earth. “Earth” means fleshly Israel, or the Kingdom of Judea. The Christian Saints were “caught away” by the spirit (John’s letter) and were spared.

The war that destroyed Judea was the “second coming” of Jesus in judgement. Every eye did see him. The word for “see” also means “to perceive.” Jews even wrote how the Roman invasion was God’s wrath, and a judgement from God. They perceived that God was against them.

Modern theologians pretend to know the bible but they don’t. They are impostors, hirelings, and instead of gathering people to the One Good Shepherd they divide the people into denominations and heap up followers to themselves, to get their money. The Church is a business built on the model of the Roman and Greek temple cults.

Where does that leave us, then?

Revelation says the beast and the false prophet and all who follow them were cast into the lake of fire and brimstone for an age of ages. The English says everlasting but the Greek says age of ages or age-lasting — a very, very long time, an age made up of several ages in succession. The phrase “lake of fire and brimstone” in the Greek means “refiner’s crucible” in which metal is molten, and brimstone is a purifying agent to purify the metal. So today over a billion people are following the false prophet (the Church) and the beast (international globalism, NWO). You are living in the lake of fire. You are being tormented by the demons and angels of Satan, who is the Papacy. His hundreds of thousands of false preachers fill your mind with lies day after day, terrifying you and bringing torment to you soul.

Jesus said, “Every man shall be salted with fire.” In this verse the Greek “salted” means “preserved” or “saved.” So every man shall be saved by fire. And where are you? You are in the lake of fire. You are in hell. This current world age is the grave. And because Jesus laid down his life, everyone will rise up out of this grave in the resurrection.

Jesus said, “If I am lifted up, I will draw all men to me.” In the Greek the word for “draw” means “dragged.” It’s a forceful word. Jesus purchased all mankind with his blood. Everyone is His property now. We are slaves of Jesus, no longer slaves of sin. Jesus is testing and trying men’s souls in the fire, and those who burn clean, and are made pure by their sufferings, who put on the yoke of Jesus, are raised from the grave (this world) into life with him. Remember that Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego were cast into the fiery furnace. When they came out they were unhurt, and so pure and righteous that not even the smell of smoke was upon them. This is another oriental metaphor describing how the righteous by faith are able to endure trial by fire.

God said to Israel, “I have brought you up out of Egypt … out of the iron furnace.” We are all in the iron furnace of Egypt in this age.

The big lie that all Church pastors believe and teach, is that the scripture is a history book. It is not a history book. It is PROPHECY. When you read about the children of Israel in the wilderness with Moses, you are reading about today, the here and now.

“What has been will be again, what has been done will be done again; there is nothing new under the sun. Is there anything of which one can say, “Look! This is something new”? It was here already, long ago; it was here before our time.” [Ecclesiastes 1:9-10, NIV]

The pageantry of the Church is a show. It is a form of godliness on the outside, with corruption on the inside. Jesus told the Pharisees to clean the inside of the cup instead of worrying about the appearance of the outside of the cup. He called them white sepulchres full of dead men’s bones–clean outwardly, but inwardly rotten. That applies today to the Church as much as it did to the Pharisees. The modern church seethes rotten to the core while portraying a pageant of “the Lord’s work.”

Jesus told us to go into our closets and pray, not to be seen of men in public. I implore you Christians, to get out of the false prophet Churches, and meet together often in your homes to study the scripture and offer up your prayers to God as the Saints of old. The Church is Mystery Babylon. The Globalist government is the beast. By being in them you are receiving of their plagues and partaking of their sins. Salvation is of the faith of Jesus Christ, not of religious works. “Come out of her my people!”

“Then I heard another voice from heaven say: “‘Come out of her, my people,’ so that you will not share in her sins, so that you will not receive any of her plagues …” [Revelation 18:4 NIV]

It is a terrifying thing to be caught in the hand of the Living God.

Will there be another rapture?

There is nothing new under the sun. The same prophetic script repeats itself, because human nature never changes, and God never changes. The two at conflict produce the same results over and over again in cycles. God designed it this way for a purpose: for his glorification, and also for our glorification in Him. God does not share His glory; but he clothes us with our own kind of glory through a sort of trial by fire. He makes us into ornaments of His glory.

This is why Paul wrote the sufferings of the present age will be nothing compared to the glory the Saints will inherit. Paul wrote that God, “… hath concluded all under sin … that he might show mercy to ALL.”

This is the trick. Jesus came to save ALL men–not just some men. He came to return all to the Father, so that, “God will be all in all.”

Just as your body is the house or temple of your conscious spirit, the whole lot of mankind is the body and temple of God’s spirit. Just as God clothed Adam and Even with coats of skins, God is clothing himself with mankind. God gave us bodies, so he could give himself a body.

In the final culmination of the glorious resurrection, all the Saints will rise from these corruptible bodies, and their spirits will be clothed with an incorruptible body of spirit that defies human imagination. And all of us will be linked together like the branches of a tree to the root, which is God. We will all be the house that the Lord inhabits, his garment, a single organism of fiery glory.

Since God is eternal, and is clothing us with eternity, a few thousand years of mortal suffering is not even something to shake a stick at when we consider the grand scheme of what God is working for us.

Some of us will be cast into prison. Some of us will be slandered and abused. Some of us will be murdered by people who think they are doing God a favor. We ought not to worry about these things, nor fear them, but offer up praise when they happen to us. It may seem an impossible thing to have gratitude toward God during tribulation. But with God, all things are possible.

If we are on the receiving end of this abuse for our faith, or for refusing to bend the knee to wicked men, it is evidence that God has chosen to save us and Satan is trying to use peer pressure, intimidation, or terror to keep us in his grip. This is the faith and the patience of the Saints. We keep the command to be salt and light; to love one another as Jesus has loved us, in the face of the fiery torment of Babylon.

So when someone mentions the rapture, you can be confident that each man has his own “day of the rapture” that is hidden in God. For those of you who are fortunate to be raised to that glory in heaven before me, I so envy you, and so hope to join you soon. Until that day, I must do as I am bid, and witness what the Spirit tells me to speak.

If you are driven out of the Church for reproving wickedness or false doctrine–or if you hear the call to flee out of the church–you are running toward Jesus Christ who awaits you in the clouds atop the high hills.