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This post contains important information. Don’t follow me unless you have read it.

TL;DR If you have a website, and are not an alt-mockingbird wank, I will follow back.

What is an alt-mockingbird wank?

It is “truth movement” dogmas that are parroted as information that exposes the “hidden hand” while conveniently distracting from the real hidden hand that has been poisoning the west for eighteen centuries–the church. Alt mockingbird fake truth includes the wank declarations further down in this README document. Hint: Hitler did everything wrong. Hint: Jesus is not in the church, satan is.

In order to avoid bots, I only follow back if:

You post a short message to @nightbulb saying something creative to prove you are not a bot, with a link to your blog or website. Then I will follow back the next time I log in and check notifications. If you don’t have a blog or web site with your own domain name, you are not serious enough for me to follow. If you came to gab to avoid censorship, that’s great … but having your own blog or website with your own domain name is how you really avoid censorship.

Description of my attitude:

Waffen BS Shit Poster Brigade Veteran.
I’ve seen and heard most “truth” info for two decades.
Most of it is insane Alt-Mockingbird propaganda.
Don’t assume you are going to “educate” me. I’ve heard it all before at least a dozen times.

Not interested in your pro-Hitler wank.
Not interested in your “it’s the Jooz” wank.
Not interested in your Hebrew roots wank.
Not interested in your seedline identity wank.
Not interested in “Lord and Savior Trump” wank.
Not interested in papal supremacist wank.
Not interested in your church dominionism wank.
Jesus does not need your help.
We all need Jesus’ help.
I don’t do wank, k?
Sola scriptura, 100%.
Iron sharpens iron, if both rods are iron forged in the fire.

What is a Christian / Saint?

One who knows that salvation is of the Lord Jesus.


Salvation is not of the church.
Salvation is not of the pope.
Salvation is not of the pastor.
Salvation is not of the creed.
Salvation is not of the eucharist.
Salvation is not of Hitler.
Salvation is not of White Power.
Salvation is not of the state.
Salvation is not of “unity” and “brotherhood.”
Salvation is not of memes.
Salvation is not of Trump.

Salvation is of the Lord, by the faith of Jesus, given as a free gift.

Have you received the gift? Or are you still trying to work for it?

Saints don’t work for their bread. They know Jesus already did the work. This is what it means to enter into his rest. For centuries Adam earned his bread by the sweat of his brow. But the new Adam gave us the bread from heaven. This is salvation. Religions knows nothing about it. Rather, the religions want to collect your bread instead of giving you the bread from heaven.