Voting is not going to fix this world. All men must turn to faith in Jesus. Not faith in the church. Not faith in the pope. Not faith in a pastor. Not faith in a eucharist. Not faith in baptism. Not faith in a creed. Not faith in a dogma. Not faith in liturgy. Faith in Jesus Christ.

All of these trappings of the church are man-made ideas that have nothing to do with the gospel. Man has added his traditions to God’s word, making the word of God of no effect. Because men are trusting in the flesh instead of the Word, these horrible events are happening.

Catholics! Your pope is your enemy. Your priests are deceiving you! They frighten you with tales of hell to make you obey THEM instead of the good news.

Protestants! Your seminary trained pastors are your enemies. Your pastors are deceiving you! They frighten you with tales of hell to make you obey THEM instead of the good news.

The body of Christ is not a religious corporation with tax-exempt status. The body of Christ is a people and has never had anything to do with the Christian church. The spirit calls the saints to come out of Mystery Babylon (the church). “Come out of her my people!”

Jesus said many would come in his name and deceive many. Open your eyes. The ones drawing you into their churches are the deceivers! They come to you in Jesus’ name. They pray in Jesus name. They do miracles in Jesus’ name. And Jesus will say to them, “depart from me, you workers of lawlessness, for I never knew you!”

Communism came into America by way of the churches! First the Roman Jesuits infiltrated with their syncretic ecumenicism, building bridges between sects and faiths. Then they injected pro-homosexual and racial tension doctrines. Then they injected all kinds of heretical teachings to divide people and cause confusion about the veracity of scripture. Then they offer you a hierarchy as a false sense of certainty about what is true. They sow political division then offer you political candidates to save you from the mess they created. This is the essence of communism. It is Roman.

The truth is this. Jesus Christ already took away the sins of the world. God does not need man’s help to save souls. God never wanted or needed man’s help to save souls. The Apostles were called and chosen by God to deliver the good news to all the nations, which they accomplished. It was already done. It is already finished. He did not ordain a chain of succession from the Apostles to continue the “great commission.” The great commission was started on the cross then finished in 70 a.d.

The church is just a business and a pagan vehicle for exercising political power, a thing rejected by Jesus and the Apostles. “My kingdom is not of this world. If it were of this world, then would my servants fight.” Everyone with the ideology of Christian dominionism is usurping the role of Jesus and the twelve men he chose. The devil always claims to be the servant or representative of Jesus. He does not come to you and introduce himself as Satan. He introduces himself as Christian.

Jesus already took away the sins of the world. It’s already done. The churches need you to believe otherwise, so they can keep having power over your consciences and your wallets. The lying preachers threaten you with hell. What they don’t tell you is that hell is an age of ages, and you’re living in it! The way out is to trust in Jesus. This world is the grave. It is the hell of scripture. It is the lake of fire and brimstone. Right now, many of you are weeping, wailing, and gnashing your teeth, being tormented with the beast and the false prophet in the flames.

You don’t get out of this fire of torment by going to church. You escape by trusting in Jesus until your mind is transformed and renewed by his Spirit. When you reject all works of righteousness that men invent, and have sole faith in Jesus, then like Abraham your faith is counted for righteousness and you are saved. When you arrive at that point, when you die from this world, you will be resurrected into a spiritual body and stand forever in the presence of the the Most High God in the company of the Saints and Angels.

God has called his people out of the darkness of man-made religion into the glorious light of this good news. It is good news indeed, that all we must do is believe in the Son of God, that he has already paid for our sins, and purchased us with his blood. We no longer belong to the devil and his minions who run the governments and religions of the world. Their exercise of authority over us is pure usurpation. We owe them nothing. We owe Jesus everything. The sooner the masses reject religion and government savior-impostors, and latch on to faith in Jesus, the sooner we all get to go home to the Father, so that God may declare he is “all in all.” We are God’s body. God fashioned a body for himself, a temple to dwell in. Just as your body is the temple of your spirit, all of us are the bodily temple of God. Think of it! We are God’s body! When we escape this realm, we will dwell with Him and He will dwell with us!

The doctrine of Communism originated with the Papal Order of the Society of Jesus. It has infected many protestant denominations. It is cancer of the soul.

Jesus said, “Every man shall be salted by fire.” Here “salted” means saved. You are in that fire. But you don’t need to burn. Just trust in the completed work of Jesus Christ, and don’t put your hope in anything else. Reject the works of religion which draw us away from focusing on God the Father. Love one another as Jesus has loved us. Everything else is a false hope, a drug, a lie, to keep men in bondage to this world.