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[144] And you should, moreover, use upon them the spear which until now they have used upon us, and hold before them its point. ~ Martin Luther

[143] I’m not a materialist anymore, I don’t think the world is made out of matter. I think the world is made out of WHAT matters. ~ Jordan Peterson

[142] God only knows what you would be if you believed. ~ Jordan Peterson

[141] Bible bangers fail to grasp that they are already in the lake of fire.

[140] The bible they use to burn you is their last supper BBQ recipe book.

[139] For centuries Christians burned bible-believers with their bibles.

[138] Christians curse men to fire, not knowing their religion is already burning.

[137] Welcome to the lake of fire and brimstone, Bible bureaucrat! You’re in it!

[136] This is the good and happy news, that Christ has paid for our sin, and through His suffering has redeemed us from eternal death. It is His kingdom and His ministry, to preach the Gospel to the poor; that is His purpose. For to the great and holy He cannot come. They do not wish to be counted sinners, and therefore do not need His Gospel. ~ Martin Luther

[135] You can’t wrestle with a pig without getting dirty and the pig likes it. ~ N.H. Eagle

[134] You can’t discuss anything with a fool without becoming a fool. ~ Michael McLean

[133] Christian Pharisees would rather be kings of a dilapidated crack house than ministers in the jeweled palace of glory.

[132] The eternal slow roast BBQ is Satan’s last supper. (BBQ Bible Version)

[131] If the Lord is not your Lord all the time, He is not Lord any of the time. ~ Michael McLean

[130] The more he spoke of his virtue, the faster we counted the spoons. ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

[129] May a sea of red sombreros rankle and enrage the religious.

[128] If there is such a thing as a spiritual aneurism Church woo will cause it.

[127] Redundancy of Church terms: BBQ, Last Supper, Hell, Lake of Fire, Gospel, Bible.

[126] Satan’s shindig and barbecue is the message of the Church.

[125] The Church satan celebrates his victory with a eternal BBQ.

[124] The Church teaches their real last supper in a giant BBQ pit.

[123] The wages of sin is smoky BBQ. The gift of God is BBQ sauce. [Romans 6:23, (BBQ) Barbecue Version Bible]

[122] The Church god is the Gordon Ramsay of Eternal BBQ. The last supper of sinners is to become an eternal supper in a smoky BBQ pit. Be like the Christian god. Barbecue your enemies eternally. [Last Supper 1:1 (BBQ) Barbecue Version Apocrypha]

[121] It is written in the Book of Holy Smoke BBQ that sin will be smoked.

[120] Jesus Christ died like a BOSS, the Ultimate Giga Chad Sigma Male.

[119] Pharisees want to pull Jesus down into the crab bucket with themselves.

[118] The Church is constantly larding Romish pig theology on top of a clean and holy sacrifice to make it improved and bacon-tasty!

[117] The Witchtower Society indroctinates Jehobuzz Witlesses in the King Dong Haul.

[116] Rebuking false teachers is not promoting oneself as a teacher.

[115] I do not claim to be a teacher. I am just a man debating at the expense of your teaching.

[114] Absence of evidence is evidence of nothing. Just because I didn’t say something you expect to be said, proves nothing.

[113] Man is God’s temple, where he dwells, where the mercy seat and the ark of the covenant rests.

[112] I was borns in an quantum nothing and it fluctuateded itself. And I like chocolate ice-cream with croutons. ~ Michael McLean

[111] You are lying pretenders to the crown who anoint yourselves as sons of God. ~ Michael McLean

[110] So, you don’t live by the Bible, but you lie to me and tell me you keep it. ~ Michael McLean

[109] God does choose everything or He would not be God. ~ Michael McLean

[108] The truth doesn’t need evidence–it is evidence. ~ Michael McLean

[107] The people in the church are not the brothers of the Lord. They are following another shepherd, the Papacy.

[106] The people in the Church are not the brethren. They are the many on the broad road to destruction. They are the deceived following the god of this world, the Papacy.

[105] I thank God that in this age he has withdrawn from Christians the power to use the burning stake and the dungeon of tortures.

[104] The Roman church cult keeps the dead imprisioned behind the gates (church dogma) so they cannot go out of the church and be alive in Christ.

[103] The church is not the body of Christ. The church is a worldly institution, erected by laws of men, to exercise authority over men.

[102] The hellfire myth is the bread and butter of the collection plate business.

[101] All men go to hell. Even Jesus descended into Hell with mankind. Where do you think you are now? Heaven?

[100] Religion has puffed up the pious. A little leaven leavens the whole lump.

[99] Belief on the Son is obedience, the only obedience that God wants.

[98] If Bible study breeds salvation then why did the scriptorian Pharisees and the religious mob of Judea crucify Jesus?

[97] If Bible study breeds wisdom then why were the Bible experts of Judea using their Bible as the indictment against Jesus!

[96] Churches try to conjure power from words on paper, in doctrines and credos, while denying the real power which is Spirit.

[95] A hatchet in the hand of a carpenter is a useful and valuable tool. A hatchet in the hand of a killer is a terrible thing.

[94] The bible is like a hatchet or a sword. In the right hands it builds and brings justice. In the wrong hands it is a weapon of evil and destruction.

[93] A bible in the hand of an apostle is a mighty medicine. A bible in the hand of a devil is a mighty poison.

[92] The bible is evidence of his word. But the bible itself is not THE WORD.

[91] Jesus is THE WORD of God. The bible is evidence of THE WORD. Pharisees idolize the words of the book.

[90] The bible is not a magic book. It is evidence of the real “magic” which is the power of God unto salvation, Jesus Christ.

[89] A truckload of magic Bibles is not worth one sentence spoken by the Spirit.

[88] Bible doctrine was used to accuse and condemn Jesus.

[87] The bible bangers used their bible to indict Jesus.

[86] A bible study group crucified the Lord Jesus Christ.

[85] A gang of very pious, religious men conspired to murder the Lord Jesus.

[84] The philanthropists that conspired to murder Jesus donated to a charity afterward.

[83] Religion is the nails that pierced the hands of Jesus Christ.

[82] Religion is the nails and man’s morality is the cross that killed Jesus.

[81] First century Christians had no bibles yet heard the gospel.

[80] The bible was banned for centuries yet men heard the gospel outside Church.

[79] If the bible was banned for centuries how were men saved?

[78] Christianity existed decades before the existence of the Bible.

[77] “In truth, there was only one christian and he died on the cross.” ~ Friedrich Nietzsche

[76] Jesus took away the sins of the whole world. That is the good news.

[75] Jesus will save all souls and the Church religion cannot stop it.

[74] The Church hierarchy is the anti-christ.

[73] The anti-christ is spiritual authority over other men.

[72] The church system has slain the prophets and apostles, and celebrates their deaths with gifts in honor of the unconquerable sun, Apollo.

[71] The anti-christ is not a human. The anti-christ is an office.

[70] Priests and pastors are holy bankers. Their god wants your money!

[69] Instead of gathering them to Jesus, clerics scatter the sheep away from Jesus into their sectarian church money machines.

[68] Bible bureaucracy is brimstone and fire, and smoke and mirrors.

[67] The false prophet wears a disguise. Christianity is the disguise.

[66] Men build earthly temples to worship their idea of God.

[65] Jesus came to tear down the earthly temple and build a spiritual house.

[64] Modern theology is the systematic denial of Theos.

[63] The Old and New Testaments are the ‘two witnesses’ of the apocalypse.

[62] The Judeo-Roman Church is the mother of harlots. Who is the pimp?

[61] The Judeo-Roman Church is the mother of harlots, of many church babies.

[60] The devil has a counterfeit flock that he is leading to destruction in the name of

[59] The Church persecutes Jesus and the true saints. (Galatians 4:29)

[58] Clerics are the synagogue of Satan who collaborate with the beast.

[57] The true flock are not the product of any church or synagogue system.

[56] The true faith is not the product of any church or synagogue system.

[55] Christianity is a counterfeit religion, invented by Satan’s ministers to snuff out and destroy the tiny flock of Christ, and lead the world into a prison of pews and pulpits.

[54] Jesus said the kingdom does not come with observation and is invisible. Rather the kingdom is within us. That being the case, what is the
visible church system? It is a counterfeit.

[53] The modern church system is the nicolaitan oppressor of the soul that Jesus said he hates.

[52] The churches are an air drop copy, a counterfeit of the real congregation of Jesus Christ.

[51] Does the devil introduces himself as the devil, or as Jesus?

[50] Satan is a con artist. He impersonates authority to rob you.

[49] The devil presents himself as a minister of God’s word to deceive you.

[48] The devil deceives the whole world by impersonating the Lord.

[47] The devil wears a Jesus costume.

[46] Wolves call themselves shepherds. They wear shepherd masks.

[45] The Church is the false prophet.

[44] The false hellfire doctrine is the mental torment of the devils.

[43] Church teaches: The wages of sin is BBQ.

[42] Church teaches: The wages of sin is Auschwitz.

[41] Church teaches: The wages of sin is volcano.

[40] Church teaches: The wages of sin is perpetual cremation.

[39] Bible teaches: The wages of sin is death; not BBQ, volcano, or crematory.

[38] You must die to get into the world. Then you must die to get out.

[37] You have already died and gone to hell. This mortal world is hell.

[36] You are already burning in hell, now, today.

[35] Get out of the religious Church brothel before you burn with it.

[34] There is a hell, or a lake of fire. Everyone on the earth is currently in it. It’s not a “hereafter” thing. It’s “here now” thing.

[33] Is it a medical mask or a health hijab?

[32] You show obedience to Muzzlam by donning a medical burqa.

[31] See how America converted to Muzzlam by adopting muzzle face coverings!

[30] Anthony Fauci is America’s Medical Mohammed of the religion of Muzzlam.

[29] Religion provides us a way to lie to ourselves and others about ourselves.

[28] I had to wade through the religious pig-pen muck to find the bathtub! You don’t look to get clean until you understand how dirty you are.

[27] Those who think they are clean have no need of a bathtub.

[26] There’s a hostile distrust of the unknown by those who know little.

[25] You try to split the hairs of a bald man. What a fool’s errand you have chosen!

[24] My arse has seen almost as many different church pews as toilet seats. I always left the toilet seat a little bit cleaner inside.

[23] Playing God is the game of Churches. Saving souls is the game of Jesus and the game is already won.

[22] Pharisees fear burning in hell and they want everyone to burn with fear.

[21] Pharisees twist a man’s words, sometimes before he has even spoken them.

[20] Jesus never instructed the saints to build temples to worship in.

[19] Jesus did not found the Church. The Church crucifies Jesus.

[18] The Church is the kingdom of darkness appearing as an angel of light.

[17] Jesus was baptized for all of us.

[16] The great sin of religion is beverage bureaucracy: regulating kool-aid.

[15] How to get ahead in life. Judaism: circumcision. Christianism: lobotomy.

[14] Ancient Pharisees required a ritual circumcision to join their cult. Modern Christian Pharisees require a ritual lobotomy to join their cult.

[13] Yep, that’s for me, after I have a lobotomy. ~ Michael McLean

[12] Pharisaical Bible bureaucracy is the lake of fire and brimstone.

[11] The Bible cannot baptize. No one was ever saved by reading the Bible. Mechanical or methodical salvation is just more Pharisee bureaucracy. Men are saved after their conviction, death sentence, and resurrection in baptism–the baptism of the Holy Spirit.

[10] The purpose of godly punishment is correction, not sadism.

[9] You can survive a big signature, but maybe not this one.

[8] A Christian Pharisee is a Bible bureaucrat.

[7] Signature size matters.

[6] Man has no greater idol than his own will. ~ Michael McLean

[5] If you don’t keep all the scriptures, you can’t keep any of them.
~ Michael McLean

[4] Run from those who are picking your pocket in the name of Jesus.
~ Carter Conlon

[3] You are like an anal ouroboros eating your own black hole forever.

[2] I would tell you to eat a dog turd but I can not condone cannibalism.

[1] If tacky red hats annoy Pharisees I want to buy hats for the whole town.

[0] “Your signature is too big.” ~ Signature Envy Troll