The cult of evolution is a Trojan horse crafted to make Christians proclaim, “We have no king but Caesar!

It is said that, “Knowledge is power.” This is only partly true. In reality, the MANUFACTURE of knowledge is power.

This post is from a Usenet thread in the newsgroup, sci.astro.amateur. There are several evolutionists that post baseless odes to their creepy doctrine. Christians ought to get to the heart of the matter instead of using lame and false arguments about “intelligent design” which is just an alternative version of evolutionary poison sweetened for the Christian to swallow. The heart of the matter is the fact that the theory of evolution is a ancient form of devil worship with zero foundation in the scientific method. Arguing about whether or not evolution is true is actually an argument about whether or not a liar (devil) is god.

To proclaim Caesar (the state) as master carries a host of unavoidable political, social, economic, and psychological implications. This is the entire purpose of the theory of evolution. Evolution is not a honest attempt to explain the origin of things. It is a cynical lie meant to brainwash people into consenting to a certain form of politics and power. It is psychological agitprop from the elite nobility to justify the supremacy of their religious state (Caesar) over the rights of man. When they use the word, “secular” they don’t mean non-religious. They mean their religious order under Caesar. Secularism is Romanism. Evolution supports secularism, which translates to the deification of the Roman Caesar over all people.

After the fall of Judea the early Christians rejected the state of Caesar in all its forms. They refused to burn a pinch of incense to Caesar, and were viciously persecuted for it. They refused to register their children with Rome for taxation. (Birth Certification) Since Judea and its monarchy were destroyed, they had no earthly ruler who could indenture them to Roman imperialism as had done the previous King of Judea, Herod.

Modern Christians burn their pinch of incense to Caesar, in the form of incorporating and applying for tax-exempt status. Modern Christians apply for state marriage licenses and apply for birth certification to dedicate their children to the secular (pagan) state. Modern Christians ask Caesar, and Jupiter, for permission to worship Jesus, which denies that Jesus is Lord, and instead makes Caesar their lord. Evolution was devised as a hoodwink to get corruptible men on the bandwagon of Caesar worship.

This post is from a Usenet thread in the newsgroup, sci.astro.amateur. There are several evolutionists that post baseless odes to their creepy doctrine. Christians ought to get to the heart of the matter instead of using lame and false arguments about intelligent design which is just an alternative version of evolutionary poison sweetened for the Christian to swallow. The heart of the matter is the fact that the theory of evolution is a ancient form of devil worship with zero foundation in the scientific method.

The theory of evolution is a continuation of a very ancient religion. It is not now, and has never been grounded in the scientific method. The inventors of this religion designed it as a Hermetic ‘synthesis of opposites’ which is occult speak for ‘brainwashing’ or ‘word magic’ meant to ideologically confuse and control people. The inventors of evolution know that it is untrue nonsense. They just expect you to be stupid enough to believe it. When you believe the words of a liar, that puts you under the liar’s “spell”, and decieves you into doing the liar’s bidding.

The Internet is awash with the screeds of dupes who by virtue of having gone to Roman-controlled university, actually believe their credentials impart magical superior rationale to their beliefs. This is just a complex form of insanity by grades and degrees, invented by the rulers to corral people into easily-led groups. These university rubes will defend evolution as “science” even though it is exposed as a ancient religion several millennia older than the modern scientific method.

Most of these people are so proud, inflexible, and intolerant of actual observable and repeatable science, so indoctrinated in their religion of evolution, that rather than address facts, they resort to endless ad hominem tactics to distract from the core issues. Modern Christians, also being easily misled, are ill-equipped to counter the specious arguments of evolutionists. The same elite nobility that invented evolution also invented the “Christian” doctrine of “intelligent design” or “creationism” which is yet another ridiculous Trojan horse, forming a false dialectic, meant to corral and control dissent.

In reality, the manufacture of knowledge is power. And the control of this manufactured knowledge is automatically placed in the hands of the fact factory that makes the knowledge. Those who manufacture your beliefs are your rulers. 

If two camps each argue opposing ideas that are fundamentally nonsense, then sense can never arise from the debate. And that is exactly the purpose of these astroturf ideologies in the first place. It is said that, “Knowledge is power.” This is only partly true. In reality, the manufacture of knowledge is power. And the control of this manufactured knowledge is automatically placed in the hands of the fact factory that makes the knowledge. Those who manufacture your beliefs are your rulers. Ever learning more and deeper intracacies of a bucket of lies does not ever bring true knowledge. It only mires the victim deeper in darkness and stupidity, held up and branded as a blazing torch of Promethean fire.

As a result of all this the elite nobility have created two camps of Nimrods, both debating endlessly over two nonsensical world-views. These Nimrods never arrive at the real questions that need to be asked:

  1. Who rules over us?
  2. How do they rule?
  3. Who really invented the ideas we believe, and why?


The cult of evolution is a Trojan horse crafted to make Christians proclaim, “We have no king but Caesar!”

On 3/6/23 19:42, Quadibloc wrote:

On Monday, March 6, 2023 at 12:38:31 PM UTC-7, Gerald Kelleher quoted:

” Away, therefore, with all the scientific moonshine that would connect men with monkeys; that would have the world believe that humanity, instead of resting on its own characteristic pedestal — gloriously independent — is a sort of sliding scale, making one extreme brother to the ourangou-tang, and the other to angels, and all the rest intermediates!” Frederick Douglass

The theory of evolution is a hybrid religious and political dogma much older than Charles Darwin. Frederick Douglass was a wise man who called it what it is: ‘scientific moonshine.’

“O Timothy, keep that which is committed to thy trust, avoiding profane and vain babblings, and oppositions of science falsely so called: Which some professing have erred concerning the faith.” [1 Timothy 6:20-21]

When this scripture was penned, a hybrid pagan cult termed their occult knowledge, ‘science’ or ‘gnosis’ in the Koine Greek. These were the ‘gnostics’ and ‘kabbalists’ of the Greco-Roman pagan cults. They had been in the process of creating a syncretic blend of the religions of the Brahmans, the Mazdeans, the Mithrasts, the Tengrists, the Ra Disciples, and other cults, to solidify them under one cult authority subject to the Roman emperor, Caesar, as the chief representative of deity on earth. Each ruler of each nation was to be worshiped as divine, with Caesar as the chief deity, or “apotheosis” over the other “divine” kings. This is the tyranny of ancient politics and religion. And it is also the same tyranny of modern politics and religion, much more cleverly disguised in our day.

This cult immediately sent its disinformation agents to infiltrate the congregations that the Apostles of Jesus established. Their spies would come in seeking to pervert the faith with ‘science’ or ‘knowledge’ which were the ‘mysteries’ of their syncretic religion. The occult discipled and trained spies who would infiltrate and capture organizations to bring them into their control, and hence under the control of Caesar by proxy. Such espionage is not new. It has been standard operating procedure of tyrants for thousands of years.

The occult set about infiltrating the congregations of Jesus in the first century, to plant their occult kabbala and Greek philosophy, which would steer an organization toward accepting the authority of the state as supreme expression of authority, through, ‘science.’ The state would not tolerate any competition for its claim to represent deity and divine authority on earth. Whereas the Christians believed that the government is the servant of man instituted by the power of man, the evolutionists believe the government is the master and decider of ultimate truth and power instituted by the deity.

This was the model of Plato’s rebublic, in which the state is the ultimate and highest good. Paul the Apostle called this, “worshipping the creation more than the creator.” Any person of moderate intelligence can see that the state is a deep well of violence and corruption, that always models itself as the great savior that will keep us all safe from violence and corruption. In pursuit of this delusional and psychotic aim, the mystery religion cult set to infiltrating the new faith of Jesus Christ to bring it into the syncretic fold of Caesar.

“And that because of false brethren unawares brought in, who came in privily to spy out our liberty which we have in Christ Jesus, that they might bring us into bondage …” [Galatians 2:4]

This is the same cult of ‘science’ that has been passed down to this day, by the Roman Catholic Jesuit school, that by ‘science’ still demands the ritual genital mutilation of infant boys, euphemistically termed, ‘circumcision.’ They provide several totally fabricated and false reasons that circumcision is medically necessary for health reasons. And it’s a lie. What they are doing is inducting all male infants into their religious cult under false medical pretense. They ensured by fiat and in some places by law, that all male infants undergo their religious induction ritual of cutting the flesh.

It is the same occult religion peddled out of places like CERN and the Royal Society. They are trained liars. They lie about all their reasons for demanding belief in their religious tenets. The chief lies they provide are ‘scientific’ or ‘medical’ explanations for their rituals and dogmas. One tenet of their religion is to intentionally lie about the meaning of their rituals and symbols to those who are ‘profane’ outsiders.

The goal is to induct you into their cult religion as a mental slave. They achieve this by hook or by crook, cooking up whatever ‘scientific’ or ‘religious’ lie fits the moment and induces the target to submit to their demands. Frederick Douglass sensed this, and wanted nothing to do with their evolutionary monkey business.

Men like Frederick Douglass would lead people to moral and intellectual freedom. To counter this the occult liars constructed a thirteen-year primary education system and University degree system based on the pagan Roman system of degrees. This system of ‘education’ ensures that children are brainwashed in the occult religion, called by the euphemism, ‘science.’ The cult indoctrinates the children to defend their own enslavement as, ‘science.’ This ‘science’ system is every Caesar’s dream system of conquest by doctrine. It has worked for many centuries to ensure Roman authority by doctrinal proxy over the nations, without ever admitting that Rome is the power behind all the religion and science, through its Jesuit brainwashing and propaganda machine.

Frederick Douglass was a great and courageous man. However, he lived a long time ago, when people did not know as much about science as they do now.

Frederick Douglass was orders of magnitude more intelligent than any evolutionist. By calling their dogma, ‘moonshine’ he showed his understanding that the pushers of evolution were seeking to make the people ‘drunk’ on lies.

Evolutionists are the product of a mental slavery education system run by the occult. They are literally, ‘drunk on the wine of the wrath of Rome’s fornication.’ Douglass was the product of struggle for freedom. Evolutionists are the product of struggle for enslavement.

Seeing a occult evolutionist elevate himself intellectually above men like like Frederick Douglass is a putrid sight. Frederick Douglass was a freedom fighter. He had wisdom. The evolutionist is a slaver of the human mind. He has no wisdom, but the false wisdom of the occult. Using the religion of evolution to elevate yourself above men of Douglas’ day is offensive arrogance and hubris. It is revolting.

Now we know that the theory of evolution by natural selection, as proposed by Charles Darwin, is established fact, as far beyond challenge as the sphericity of the Earth or the Copernican theory.

Challenge accepted.

Nowhere at any time has the theory of evolution been established as fact. You are preaching a religious belief and calling your dogma a science, as you have been trained to do by the Roman system of occult degrees of knowledge. Moreover, the Copernican theory was just a re-imagining of the Ptolemaic and Platonic cosmologies made more palpable for the mass of rubes. There truly is nothing new under the sun.

Evolutionists believe that Charles Darwin ‘discovered’ evolution through observations of the natural world and experiments. Yet this is a lie and never happened. The theory of evolution is much older than Charles Darwin. We shall examine its true origins.

Charles Darwin did not invent the theory of evolution. His grandfather, Erasmus Darwin, wrote about it extensively in his religious poetry and his book, ‘Zoonomia’, before Charles Darwin was born. Charles Darwin later read the book and used it as the foundation for his ‘Origin of Species.’ The science cult community has avoided this fact for a century, instead promoting their false myth that Darwin arrived at these conclusions from natural observations. He arrived at his interpretation of natural observations based on the religion that his grandfather taught. The reverse of what evolutionists claim is what Darwin actually did. The theory of evolution is a bag of apriori religious babblings and grand eisegesis dressed up in jargon.

“Would it be too bold to imagine, that in the great length of time since the earth began to exist, perhaps millions of ages before the commencement of the history of mankind, would it be too bold to imagine, that all warm-blooded animals have arisen from one living filament, which the first great cause endued with animality, with the power of acquiring new parts, attended with new propensities, directed by irritations, sensations, volitions, and associations; and thus possessing the faculty of continuing to improve by its own inherent activity, and of delivering down those improvements by generation to its posterity, world without end!” [Zoonomia, Volume 2, page 240]

Erasmus Darwin shows here all the tenets of evolution, the first great cause, natural selection, gradual species transformation, and so forth. He wrote about these ideas before his grandson Charles was born.

Here is the religion of Erasmus Darwin, in his own words:

Ere Time began, from flaming Chaos hurl’d
Rose the bright spheres, which form the circling world
Nurs’d by warm sun-beams in primeval caves,
Organic Life began beneath the waves.

Hence without parent by spontaneous birth
Rise the first specks of animated earth;
From Nature’s womb the plant or insect swims,
And buds or breathes, with microscopic limbs.

New powers acquire, and larger limbs assume;
Whence countless groups of vegetation spring,
And breathing realms of fin, and feet, and wing.

[Temple of Nature, by Erasmus Darwin]

This nonsense is mother-earth or earth-goddess worship of the pagans. Erasmus Darwin and his spawn, Charles Darwin, were pagans. And they dressed up their pagan religion, or ‘gnosis’ as ‘science.’ Like many pagans, raised as occult pagans from birth, Charles Darwin pretended to be a Christian, and even studied Christian theology. And then he went on to pervert and destroy the Christian faith like all syncretist occult infiltrators have always done. He tried to use ‘science’ to force his occult religion into Christian social acceptance–to convert the Christians. Recall that earlier in this missive how the pagans were doing the same thing in the days of the apostles. There is nothing new under the sun.

Evolution is from the religious belief of Erasmus Darwin, based upon his cult’s Brahman cosmology. All the Spinozan cults, such as Freemasonry, Kabbala, and Deism, Mazdaism, Tengrism, and Mithraism shared their ideas from the gnostic pagans, who borrowed from the Brahmans, and these cults recycled each other’s ideas back and forth and shared them in such fashion for centuries. You will find all the religious dogmas of modern scientism originating with the ancient Brahmans:

  • big bang theory (brahman kalpas)
  • evolution (brahman kalpas)
  • life originating in the sea (brahman kalpas, dagon idolatry)
  • survival of the fittest (child rape and sacrifice in temples)
  • transhumanism (god-man of the Romans)
  • transgenderism (baphomet of the Freemasons)
  • man as a mere economic unit (Moloch worship)
  • the state as god (Roman and Greek Temple of Democracy)

And make no mistake about it, these ancient cults practiced ritual human sacrifice and child rape as sacraments of their religions. There are many historical records of these practices and many archaelogical sites of the bodies of the victims. Today we witness them trying to codify these savage and primitive religious ideas into law, as “human rights” such as:

  • abortion
  • gender fluidity
  • women’s rights
  • equity

All of these doctrines are foundational to human sacrifice. None of these doctrines achieves what they claim to achieve on the surface. They all have one goal: emasculation of men, so that the state can legitimize horrors that strong men would oppose by force.

Seeing that Darwinism is a religion of this foul lineage, evolution has no scientific foundation whatsoever and is purely an ancient religious belief of the child sacrifice cults of the pagans. This ancient religious belief of evolution is a monstrous lie. It is a religion.

Erasmus Darwin’s coat of arms, circa 1771, shows his religious evolution dogma:

The motto on this coat of arms is, ‘e conchis omnia’ and it translates, “Everything comes from the sea shells.” This is the religious motto of the ancient dogma of all life evolving from the sea. The common perception that Charles Darwin spawned evolution from naturalistic exploration is a patent farce. His ancestors before him already held this belief from their religion. So fervent was their belief in this religion of evolution that Erasmus Darwin put it on his coat of arms. Charles Darwin’s ‘scientific’ endeavors weren’t even a thought yet.

This is historical fact and irrefutable part of the historical record, unlike John Savard’s religiosity toward ‘unchallengeable’ evolution. Of course the grandson of Erasmus Darwin, Charles, was inducted into the same Brahmist religious cult, as are most of the modern cosmologists and astrophysicists. The CERN headquarters has a statue of the Brahman god by the doors. Why don’t they have a statue of Jesus? Because they worship the pagan deities is why. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to put two and two together and figure out what they are doing. They are converting people to their anti-christ religion under the guise of ‘science.’

Erasmus Darwin hated the Christian faith, because he was a Brahmist / Mithraist. He viciously slandered Christian piety. His evolution nonsense was an attempt to put the mantle of science on his Brahman religion. The theory of evolution was cooked up in a religious war against the faith of Jesus. That’s all it was then. That’s all it is now.

And, of course, it’s your bete noire, Isaac Newton, who made the Copernican theory unchallengeable, instead of one opinion among many.

It is always a religion when someone claims their unproven and unfalsifiable belief is ‘unchallengeable.’

Challenge accepted.

Mr. Savard’s opinions are a common religious reverie from brainwashed rubes who never had to struggle for liberty like Frederick Douglass and his people had to do. Mr. Savard’s only struggle is making sure he expresses the acceptable opinions approved by his science priesthood. Mr. Savard is struggling to be a slave and show his masters his devotion. Unlike Frederick Douglass who was acquainted with a life of struggle against those in power, Mr. Savard has lived a life subjecting himself to those in power, and has ‘scientismic stockholm syndrome’, or SSS. He is a card-carrying member of the SSS.

If the theory of evolution indeed implied that the races were unequal in intelligence, there would be a problem. But it does not. Neither, unfortunately, does it say that they must be equal. It is instead from observation that we can conclude that there are no significant differences in intelligence between the races – to the extent that the supposed races of mankind even really exist.

Mr. Savard is failing to distinguish between a conjecture, a hypothesis, a theory, and a empirical fact. The scientism cult does this often. Every race in the world believes its own race exists. It takes a great mental gymnast to counter something so obvious. Yet this is what the religion of scientism daily requires of its disciples. Race does not exist, except when politics demands punishing a particular race.

I would suggest to you that you read The Mismeasure of Man by Stephen Jay Gould – in which a noted expert on evolution both recounts the sad history, of which you appear aware, of attempts to misuse evolution to argue for racial differences and also defends the truth of what we really learn from evolution on this issue.

Sure, I’ll jump right on it and read more blather from someone educated by those in power. Rather, instead of reading the vomit of Stephen Jay Gould, you should research Erasmus Darwin and the ancient religious origin of his evolutionary model. It originates with the Brahmans, who practiced their religion of evolutionary Aryan supremacy. And unlike your evolution theory, this is an actual fact that the theory of evolution goes back thousands of years to a racial supremacist, human sacrifice cult. A real thinker like Frederick Douglass was able to sniff this out as nonsense. Douglass rightly opined what evolution really is: a racial supremacist cult that equates Pharaoah’s kids as divine Aryans and everyone else as inferior racial castes under Pharaoh’s superior blood power.

Rather than read more evolutionist swill I will heed the inspired counsel of men much better than the apostate, false Christian, Darwin:

“O Timothy, keep that which is committed to thy trust, avoiding profane and vain babblings, and oppositions of science falsely so called: Which some professing have erred concerning the faith. Grace be with thee. Amen.” [1 Timothy 6:20-21]

The Apostles were divinely inspired and knew all about ‘science’ and its crackpot theories taken from pagan sources. They warned us about it almost 2000 years ago.

Paul the Apostle warned us about this ancient evolutionary human sacrifice cult and its satanic ways:

“Professing themselves to be wise, they became fools, And changed the glory of the uncorruptible God into an image made like to corruptible man, and to birds, and fourfooted beasts, and creeping things. Wherefore God also gave them up to uncleanness through the lusts of their own hearts, to dishonour their own bodies between themselves: Who changed the truth of God into a lie, and worshipped and served the creature more than the Creator, who is blessed for ever. Amen.” [Romans 1:22-25]

This John Savard perches upon. The theory of evolution is a RELIGION. It is a religion cooked up thousands of years ago by a racial supremacist cult that raped and killed and immolated children as part of its temple rituals. It has always been a religion from antiquity. Dressing it up as “science” is a satanic lie.

Jesus taught to judge a tree by its fruit. The fruit tells us about the root, whether it is good or evil. A good tree brings forth good fruit. A corrupt tree brings forth evil fruit. Evolution is a very evil tree and its fruit is death. Jesus Christ is the good tree and his fruit is life.

I have challenged Savard’s “unchallengeable” evolution and I have deftly destroyed it. I have exposed it as an ancient dogma of a child sacrifice rape cult with a racial supremacist core. John Savard should change his mind while you still can. Jesus Christ is Lord. And He is unchallengeable! His Father, God, the only God, created all the races of men for his own good will and pleasure. No amount of rebellious, Spinozan, Jesuit-inspired, Deist, big-bang gobbledy-gook can change it.

The religion of scientism achieves the same goals as the oppressive cults of the ancient world–to proclaim the state as divine king, and to worship the person of the state as the Roman Caesar instead of the true Creator God, Jehovah Elohim.

This is exemplified by the Pharisees who under the influence of Roman religion and politics, proclaimed, “We have no king but Caesar!” Yet the Torah that they pretended to believe in teaches that Jehovah and his Son are the only rightful Kingship over Israel.

The cult of evolution is a Trojan horse crafted to make Christians proclaim, “We have no king but Caesar!” Evolution is a ideological proxy for the power of Rome to occupy the minds of nations. The dogma of evolution brings the Pope into the governor’s office by the back door.

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